Sunday, April 25, 2010

International Space Station Still Astounds Me

With nice clear weather last night I watched the International Space Station fly over my house.  It is not the first time I have seen it but each time I am just amazed.  To think there are six people operating a vehicle 215 miles above me traveling at over 17,000 MPH still boggles the mind.  I include a link which you can see the tracking map real time and on the page you can click on sighting opportunities and enter you location and get the exact time (this thing is always on schedule)  you will be able to simply go outside and see the thing with the naked eye.  Some good optical gear makes for a better experience but not necessary as the ISS is very bright in the sky.  Enjoy


Potentially Deadly Fungus Expected to Spread Across the U.S. | Breaking News WorldNewsVine

Potentially Deadly Fungus Expected to Spread Across the U.S. | Breaking News WorldNewsVine: "Potentially Deadly Fungus Expected to Spread Across the U.S."

Hey Canada ...... I'm downwind ease up will ya!

Martin Armstrong's Latest observations

Marty's latest notes are availiable here:

Those not familiar with his work might give some consideration to reading the many observations made by Martin.  I first became aware of his work when I began to pay attention to cycles and his economic confidence models. This may not be everyone's cup of tea but you really miss out if you have not read and at least understand some of what this man has to say about the world's economic system.

A good comprehensive list of his past articles can be found here: