Required Viewing

Keynes At Harvard

John Maynard Keynes, the man from whom the term Keynesian or Keynesian Economics is Best known for his work The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money (1936).  This work has since been embraced by Socialists all over the world as their basic theoretical guide.  Indeed, not just Socialist but many unsuspecting politicians, students, academics, and the general population have fallen for this "Theory".  So much so, that today we are witnessing or about to witness change of the likes Americans have never experienced because frankly, no one is guarding the Republic.  This link will take you to a book Titled "Keynes At Harvard"  Economic Deception as a Political Credo. 
Any trader, investor, student of the economy needs to read this in its entirety. If you are a freedom loving American who is thinking "how did all this happen" then it is most important for you to read and understand what is going on and has been going on in this country for over one hundred years.


Here are links to what I consider valuable information for anyone who seeks to have a firm understanding of our world and how it operates.

Some may be interested in what G Edward Griffin has to say on many issues.  The issues that interest me are those concerning the freedom of the individual in America.  Mr. Griffin is the Author of "The Creature From Jeckyll Island.  This couple of videos are from a talk he gave before a small audience a while back. I have put here the first 3 parts of the talk you can direct link to youtube and see the rest if you wish.  Griffin is an interesting person and has addressed many issues we face today.   Sure makes you think.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Part 2

Part 3


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Below is part I of an interview with John Perkins author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

There are 3 parts to this interview I have included part II for convience.  Due to space, I did not include the other part you can find it buy going directly to youtube in related videos if you wish to see all of these interviews.

Having read much of what Greg Palast has written over the years I feel comfortable saying that Greg is a sworn enemy of corruption and corrupt politicians.  So when I found a link to Greg's site while looking into John Perkins background I naturally went right to the article on John. when I saw the title con-man-shill don't let the title fool you read what Greg has to say about Perkins.  

This next video is from a 2006 Mortgage Bankers Conference in Las Vegas featuring Peter Schiff.  Long but eye opening with actionable information.  Last 15 minutes is a beaut.