Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bill O Reilly finally seems to "get it"

 The white establishment is outnumbered. When I say white establishment I mean White Males. Our culture and our country was indeed founded by white males and I'm sure geared from the beginning to be run by white males. I know I'm about to lose some of you here and there's some eyes rolling among my more liberal friends but facts are facts warts and all. 

Once fought for and conquered our nation was culturally centered around the values of the white European male who carried forward for centuries those values of hard work, hard decisions based on reality rather than feelings, and quite a bit of tradition. 

There was a right way and a wrong way. One who deviates from the right way was generally shunned and was paid no attention. Foolish as it may seem in today's culture it was deceptively simple and worked. It worked so well we went from a nation with almost nothing to the most free and wealthy soc
iety the planet has ever known. Then we got in touch with our "feelings" and more importantly the feelings of others. That we said Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. We meant it. But we also meant and should have added, "to work your ass off, save, follow our lead and become self reliant." For a man must produce more than he consumes or he will perish.

It started innocently enough with just helping a few. Then more saw how easy it would be to legislate gifts and reap votes and a entirely different political class was born. Both major parties have mimicked one another exactly because a nation built by strict work ethic had become wealthy. Wasn't that the idea to begin with?

Well, When you have drained the wealth the smart ones will vote with their feet or they will rebel in order to set things right again. Either way, we are all in for some rough times in the not so distant future. I predict that, just as in the past, it will be the white males of high moral standards, strength and intelligence who will "set things right". Not white supremacist; Not wacko neo nazi's; Nor bigots without compassion; rather men such as our founders willing to make any sacrifice in order to insure freedom, security and common sense prevails in our nation. Meanwhile, nothing changes and we as a society will continue in decline. I hope I live long enough to witness at least the beginning of the reawakening of our Republic.

Something worth remembering as we go forward

 Gold is the money of Kings, silver the money of gentlemen,  barter the money of peasants, and debt the money of slaves