Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GHOST TOWN - KiddofSpeed - Chernobyl Pictures What Japan may Face in the Future

GHOST TOWN - KiddofSpeed - Chernobyl Pictures 

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Some years ago I stumbled on a site that I found at the time to be fascinating, educational and generally informative.  The site dealt with the meltdown at Chernobyl or rather the aftermath of that event.  It is the records of a Russian girl named “Elena” who loves to ride motorcycles and loves to make bike trips into the “Dead Zone” in and around Chernobyl. 

This is not just some biker chick the girl has a background in physics and especially nuclear physics.  She understands the dangers and where not to go.  Her father is a nuclear physicist and she has absorbed lots of knowledge on the subject so she seems to know what’s going on. Because of her father’s position as a nuclear physicist she was able to obtain permission to enter the area and has made many trips into the area taking many photos and documenting her trips.