Monday, June 4, 2012

Fair Share

Haven't been posting lately so though I would fire up the old blog for a bit.

There's plenty of talk about people getting their fair share lately.  My question how do people come up with these ideas?  I have to say to the best of my ability to determine that it all seems to come from the "political class".  Yes, here we go with another "class" in the species, but over the last 50 years or even more a new class of citizen has emerged ..... the politician.  That's right they are now in a class by themselves and guess what.  You are likely not in the club nor will you be invited to join.  That's a dog eat dog environment and the normal rules of a sane society do not apply.  (But more on that later)

Meanwhile enjoy the "paws" video and be forewarned it contains strong crude words.  If cuss word offend you ..... don't watch it.  I have never been one to really hold back on such language except for a brief period as the "Couth Control Officer" at the Simmons Army Airfield Officers Club annex at Fort Bragg where, during brief reading of passages from the Terry Southern novel "Candy" I would stick to the written text rather than inject my own colorful interpretation of what he really meant.