Friday, April 2, 2010

Insane Politics

This two party system has my head spinning.  Both factions have put this country in the mess it's in.  When will the people finally see this.  This video was taken in Searchlight Nevada last week as the "tea party" folks were coming into town for their rally.  Most shown here are members of the IBEW who were on hand to greet the convoy of buses.

This was reported by Andrew Breibart at

The second video shows a guy telling the the group doing the filming to leave before he goes to jail.  I would take that as passive aggression or a veiled threat.  It should escalate as we get into the warmer months IMHO.

And just for a Kicker here is Congressman Hank Johnson (D) GA interviewing a Navy Admiral in Committee.  I am told he has some medical problem but it does not change the fact that this poor individual is occupying one of the highest offices in the land and is part of the element that makes decisions on the liberty, security and well being of our Republic.  This is alarming.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Short Trade

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Technical Analysis

I put a blog performance monitoring setup on the blog here and just looking over the numbers it looks as though a large percentage of readers are interested in the market comments and charts.  So, if that is what most are interested in, give ‘em what they want I say.  I will put some charts here on the home page today in order to show some of the chart setups I use. Click "Read More" for the full monty

Charles R. Schwab: Low Interest Rates Are Squeezing Seniors -

Charles R. Schwab: Low Interest Rates Are Squeezing Seniors - "Low Interest Rates Are Squeezing Seniors
The Fed's help to big banks comes at a big cost to savers."

This article just makes you sick at the greatest fraud ever put on by the banksters. Below is a good comment out of the comments section over at Zero Hedge.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ladies; Careful who the computer picks for you

This has been around for a bit but every time I see it I end up rolling in the floor.  Guys this is how NOT to get the girl of you dreams!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Solar Superstorm II

So Here are some ramblings about my thoughs on the matter.  Be advised this is so far out there I have bounced all over the place on the issue so it is likely most need not even take the time to read this, but I did it because of an ongoing discussion with a couple other folks.  This is about solar activity but first to qualify a little about how and why I became interested in this subject.

One of the luxuries of being retired is that, I can take the time to look into things that interest me.  For too many years as an Airline pilot, I was gone about half the time and a great portion of my down time was spent in the study of my active profession. (although my wife says that was golf)  Being subjected to semi-annual proficiency test and physicals dictated that I kept abreast with the latest information in many subjects concerning aviation, navigation and physical sciences.    The fact that I spent the bulk of my time traversing the majority of the planet provided me a unique perspective of the natural world in which we live.  Additionally I took great interest in the different cultures to which I was exposed and learned a great deal about life from those navigators who came before me. 

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