Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Old Myths Pop up AGAIN

I was on one of my old military unit pages and someone put a link to a youtube video of the little girl badly burned in a napalm attack back in '72.  I made the mistake of reading some of the comments.  The world has no shortage of Idiots and Communist.

The little girl, Kim Phuc survived and moved to Canada where she has married and has children.  She also is a cottage industry herself with speaking and appearances all over the place.  She even has a high powered manager.  Anyway,  it was at the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial in D.C. Kim was a guest speaker.  I never have figured out exactly why but I guess it makes for a nice story.  In Kim's speech, she makes the comment that "I forgive the pilot who dropped the bomb" and this guy says "I am that man"  What a story.

Now for a little background on this incident.  The South Vietnamese Army was conducting a search and destroy in the area and the South Vietnamese Air Force sent in some A1E or AD Skyraiders to bomb a target in the village Kim Phuc was in.. Apparently there was some miscommunication as to the exact target for the napalm and at least one load of canisters were dropped on the building the children and adults were hunkered down in.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What the Hell is a Malinvestment?

We all have heard the term and I have even used the term in various places.  But what exactly is it?  Well I did my usual type in the word followed by "def" and let Goggle give me some choices for definitions.  So, I clicked on Webster’s dictionary and got this. 

WTF ……..  It seems that I will have to sign up for the “Premium” service to get the definition.  I had no idea