Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Holidays are always fun and enjoyable.  Sometimes, we get so involved in the celebration that we forget about the actual reason for celebration.  Today I include a copy of the Declaration that set the country in motion and urge everyone to read the entire document.  It won't take but a few minutes so go ahead and look it over and reflect what the words say and mean.  It is after all the basis of our freedom and independence.

Now more that ever, it is imperative every American have some understanding of the actual role of government.  As you read this you can see it was never intended for government to "take care of you" but rather act by consent of the people to protect our basic right as citizens so that we might as individuals act in our own best interest in order to prosper individually thereby thereby creating a good for the whole.  The power the government has comes from the consent of the governed.  Remember that the next time you vote.