Friday, April 9, 2010

Chart of The Century

I did not name it. I just present it.

I have debated with myself over the last couple day whether or not to put this up for a couple of reasons.  One it is a little bit of a complicated subject but I resolved that with knowing a bunch of the viewers who visit her are more sophisticated in these matters so no problem.  The other is some of the links are "movements" but they seem to be for a just cause so here goes.

Some may have already seen this but likely most have not.  It has been published and I think generally the mainstream Keynesian's and others have dismissed its significance.  The chart was done buy Chris Rupe and the calculations  were done following the formula developed by Legg-Mason.  The chart depicts the calculation of Debt Velocity.  I had not seen anything like this before and I have looked a quite a few charts.  I sort of put it off and was at Martin Armstrong's link for his latest ideas and got a link to this again.  This time I gave it due consideration and it fits into most scenarios I can dream up. Essentially, I just don't know how much longer the governments of the world can keep this system afloat.  Sadly, I had a fellow explain all this to me many years ago.  I got a little upset and soon forgot about his warnings.  In reflection it would have not really made any difference except I would have worried for the last 20 years.  I was looking to 2015 -2020 time frame for the end game but it may just accelerate after this last bubble.  We shall see.

Here is a video which discuss the implications of the chart.  additionally there are more in depth discussions At   Nathan's Economic Edge and an very clear explanation of the chart by its author Chris Rupe here. You really should read what Chris has to say even if you don't understand charts. 

I am not promoting the idea that this is the end of the world but think more like drastic change in society as we know it will be a given.  How this will affect us individually is the question, it should be an interesting time.


Monday, April 5, 2010

The Stargate

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I made one of these charts about 6 months ago and just wondered what the relationship between the S&P and US dollar looked like.  They had been just opposite each other, that is the dollar goes down S &P goes up.  But that seems to have changes of late and the correlation has not been as reliable as before.  I threw in oil and gold for grins and it is interesting that as of the beginning of this mess how these futures just scattered as blown out of a shotgun.  This view is as a percentage in order to get them all on the chart without hocus pocus it is how they have performed as a percent in relation to each other. -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids -- : "GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A sharp gust of solar wind hit Earth's magnetosphere today, April 5th, at approximately 0800 UT and sparked the strongest geomagnetic storm of the year (Kindex=7). Although the storm is subsiding now, it is not over. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras. [gallery]."

What's that got to do with anything?  Well, if you might be anywhere near curious about things like flux ropes and Birkland currents you could read what George Ure over at Urban Survival has written about them.  Old George does a lot of research on these things.

If you read the blurb I put up on solar storms this at least makes you think.  These flux ropes are sort of like electrical lines connecting Earth and the sun.
Occasionally, one of the rope's ends--which was previously "tied" to the Sun's surface--breaks loose, ejecting electrically charged gas, or plasma, and producing solar flares that can wreak havoc with everything from satellites to electrical power grids. Once only observed remotely, flux ropes are now being created in the laboratory, making it possible to tie experimental data to prior theoretical analyses.
We may just see more earthquakes on terra firma soon.

Market Comments

For the latest Market comments go to the TA page.  I am having all sorts of problems with the formating on the Stock Market page and have not figured out what's going on with that.  Hey, I just started this blogging stuff last month so I guess I will have to learn something else.

Pre Market April 5

I'm short this morning off the London open.  Not sure where this will take us but for right now I am just riding what I consider a wave 1 down.  I will be looking for a turn somewhere around 1073 on the ES or 1071.  This is the gray area and I would rather book profit at one of these points rather than take risk.  Remember Low risk High Reward is the game. This is the hourly chart for the E-mini SnP.  The arrow point to one of my "scalp lines" which is simply resistance or support.  Right now it is acting as support at 1176.80 so I may be out of this trade before I finish typing this.  Should we fail that line I would look for a test of the 5 SMA on the hourly which should get us down to 1173.50 for the turn.

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