Friday, July 16, 2010

Thoughts about Genetically Modified Foods and such

I’m no chemist or scientist but I have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express. So consider this when reading anything I print.

Over at We just had a subject brought up about Genetically modified foods or GMO. I started to reply and ended up with too much to put on the board off subject so I place it here for all to see. Some may find my thought interesting ….. or not. Besides it’s my blog so you will have to just deal with it or ignore it if you come here.
Monsanto manufacturers a weed killer called Roundup (glyphosate). It’s been around for years and you can pick it up at any Home Depot or any place that sells garden supplies. I have used it myself years ago to kill pesky weeds around the house. It works, just spray it and it kills whatever weed it gets on.

Only as I advanced in years have I ever considered to look at things differently just for the sake of having another view, one not so boring or ho-hum and I guess that may be a product of at some point finding life mundane and uninteresting after years of excitement and discovery. Nonetheless, I try to do something different everyday even if it’s only altering the order in which I put my clothes on and I was just thinking …. Again! The first consideration or obligation any living thing has is towards its survival and then procreation. I think this applies from the lowest amoeba all the way to man. Weeds, virus’, pest are all no different in this respect.