Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why Not Another World War? | Euro Pacific Capital

Why Not Another World War? | Euro Pacific Capital

This is an amusing paper from Peter Schiff about having a fake World War. Peter pokes fun at some who are saying what we need is another world war to pull us out of the mess we currently find our nation.

I have actually heard many say that what we need is a good old shooting war on a grand scale and everything will be okay. While the many I hear are saying this tongue in cheek are usually cavalier tough guys with a beer in one hand and a good smoke in the other, some economist bring up how WWII pulled us from the ashes of the great depression. Very easy to postulate in a bar or even on MSNBC but what would the millions of young men playing the role of cannon fodder say about the "theory" and social experiment of WWIII.

Anyway, thought I would share the article and the link to Peter's site and the article are above. Enjoy

Moderation in All Things

I have frequently used the quote Moderation in all things to my kids.  I give credit of the source to Aristotle (384BC – 322 BC) from his Doctrine of the mean.  I was reading something tonight in which the Author gave credit for the saying to Salon (638BC- 558 BC) A greek statesman and one of the Seven Sages of Greece.
Given the fact there about a 200 year difference in the lives of the 2 men, if Salon said it first it must have been a popular and often repeated idea for quite some time before Aristotle was born.  Such must be the case in all popular thoughts and sayings, with the written history of man as ancient as it is I guess it is simply difficult if not impossible to have any original thought.  Anyway, I Goggled it and started looking around a bit. Before long I can upon a chat room discussing the thread.  The participants all seemed young and there was no lack of opinions.  Mostly dumb, some correct and then I read this one and cracked up.  This person was either quite witty or fairly stupid.  You decide. His answer was:

I had a friend who used to say "everything in moderation - including the truth". He attributed it to Plato but how reliable can a guy with that philosophy be?”  

As for the origin I will stick with the Aristotle thing as the Greeks didn’t start to record history until the 5th century and while much was passed down through recitation and recorded it can only be in reality here say at best.  I look at Solon as sort of the Tom Paine of his day.  He became prominent for reciting a poem which rallied the Athenians to “arise and come to Salamis, to win that fair island and undo our shame”.  It worked the Athenians open up a can of Whoop ass and defeated Megara taking the island back.   

Monday, July 26, 2010

Congress Ranks Last in Confidence in Institutions

Congress Ranks Last in Confidence in Institutions

Why should this come as any surprise to anyone?

There are at least 70 members of Congress who proudly proclaim that they are Socialist.  Best I can tell they are all members of the "Progressive Congressional Caucus" and are also members of the Democratic Socialist of America which is the largest affiliate of the Socialist International.  Some kid asked me what's wrong with socialism not too long ago and frankly I was simply dumbfounded.  I am not about to get into a protracted tirade on socialism, marxism and communism (lower case letters intentional) because if you don't understand the implications, I won't waste my time.  But suffice it to say ... monkey around with this stuff and it won't end well.

Defiant Bell mayor defends city manager's high salary, hours after official resigns | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times

Defiant Bell mayor defends city manager's high salary, hours after official resigns | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times:
July 23, 2010�|� 7:38 am

A defiant Bell City Council defended the hefty compensation awarded to City Manager Robert Rizzo and two other officials just hours after the three agreed to resign amid a public outcry."

Not only does the Bell City manager make almost $800,000 a year the Mayor is getting heat for what is described as a meth lab discovered on one of his rental properties.  The city council members are paid $100,000 a year for what can only be described at best as a part time job.