Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gold Bar from German Bank Found to be mostly Tungsten

Got Gold?

Have been reading about the rumors of tungsten core gold bars and ingots for over a year now.  Many rumors have circulated about but have never seen one until today’s video came to my attention.  The video below is in German but has English sub titles. 

This raises far more question that it provides answers.  History is wrought with records of Nations debasing their currencies.  Beginning with Kings of yore we find the policy known as “shaving” or “clipping”.  Rulers would take a little bit off each coin by this process rendering the coin just a little bit less valuable from the loss of gold or silver.  One need no degree in math to see how a government can take a little bit “off the top” of each coin and soon all the little particals will make more coins availible and we have the birth of inflation.  Not only governments and kings participated in this royal screwing of the public but it became so rampant that the average merchant would shave a bit off any coin passing through his hands.

To combat this debasing of the currendy some governments began to put ridges along the edge of coins to prevent or thwart this practice.  Ever since the concept of money was introduced to mankind there have been those who would debase the currency for personal gain at the expence of other men and the risk of ruination of society itself.  The fall of Rome begain as the currency was debased and taxes were imposed on the average man.  Theses are but methods of enslavement but, that’s for another post. 

We in America discovered a grand way to debase the currency by voting for the Federal reserve with the passage of the 16th amemendment .  Buy the the Treasury dept now having to sell bonds and  using the tax base of the people as collateral, the government actually purchased it’s own money from the FED.  Now, I really don’t know who the owners of the FED are, but I will bet you it is likely those at the National helm do.  And, I will bet they understand the the US government are simply employes of these owners. 

By increasing the supply of money, or decreasing the supply of money, the Fed  causes either inflation or deflation.  They can debase the currency with a keystroke nowadays.  Pretty slick considering the amount of trouble the robbers of previous  ages went through skim off the currency.   But wait let’s consider what may well prove to be the biggest scam of all time.  Just when you think you have seen it all we hear rumor of gold covered  tungsten which can fool even the major banks.  Tungsten as you will see in the video weighs more than gold and provisions have to be included in the scam to get the bullion or ingots to conform to not only weight but size.  The mass and size would have to appear exactly as gold to pull this off.  Plus tungsten is not exactly cheap itself.  I wanted to replace lead weights in my race cars with the stuff because it’s not as poisoness  and would take less space to place the weight in the cars where I wanted.  (for non NASCAR types that would be left and rear).  It is estimated that a gold bar tricked out with tungsten would still contain about 30% gold so we are talking about getting 70% right off the top again and didn’t have to shave a coin or go through all those pesky congressmen.  If this turns out to be anything other than random we are in for some fun times ahead.

Something of this nature would certainly give rise to movements and factions countrywide calling for a physical  inspection of all the gold the U.S. government says it posesses.  And, why not?  There has been no real accounting of our gold reserves in what? 50 years.  This is going to get good.

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  1. There's a cave somewhere (well, more like a bunker) stacked with forged tungsten bars filled with gold, waiting to be used to enslave humanity... What (da-hell) are they preparing for?
    What is it that their main-frame simulators are telling them about the coming years?
    Who (da hell) is "them" ..?