Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More on Tungsten Salted Gold Bars

Although I have been following the "knock off" gold stories as they pop up from time to time, this nearly four month stale article brings in some interesting points.

The Justice League -: "“Gold Finger - A New Take On Operation Grand Slam With A Tungsten Twist”"

In what the article describes as "A Slow Motion Train Wreck, years in the making" Rob Kirby tells how the Chinese discovered fake gold bars in a shipment they received in Hong Kong.  This sort of thing would have massive implications because it would be virtually impossible to pull off this sort of caper without involvement at the highest levels of government.  

This story is as interesting as the arrest and sudden release of some Japanese men in Italy.  They were reportedly in possession of somewhere in the neighborhood of $134 billion in U. S. bonds and debt instruments.  The story was never really big and suddenly the Italians had released the men and this story has died and gone away.  

Of course, all involved claim they were fake and the Japanese government says it was the work of the Mafia. 

The strange part of this is, that's about the amount of U.S. debt the Japanese hold.  Like the gold story, I think there is more to this than anyone's letting on.   


  1. Personally I love gold stories... Tungsten salted gold bars is a first for me. I thought tungsten is what they use for Anti-tank shells... Go figure...

  2. Makes you wonder which has more power. Tungsten anti-tank round or Tungsten "salted" gold? Both can have devastating effect on your enemies. Both can cause collateral damage.

    Welcome to the "blog" J_T hope you find something of interest.