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Solar Superstorm II

So Here are some ramblings about my thoughs on the matter.  Be advised this is so far out there I have bounced all over the place on the issue so it is likely most need not even take the time to read this, but I did it because of an ongoing discussion with a couple other folks.  This is about solar activity but first to qualify a little about how and why I became interested in this subject.

One of the luxuries of being retired is that, I can take the time to look into things that interest me.  For too many years as an Airline pilot, I was gone about half the time and a great portion of my down time was spent in the study of my active profession. (although my wife says that was golf)  Being subjected to semi-annual proficiency test and physicals dictated that I kept abreast with the latest information in many subjects concerning aviation, navigation and physical sciences.    The fact that I spent the bulk of my time traversing the majority of the planet provided me a unique perspective of the natural world in which we live.  Additionally I took great interest in the different cultures to which I was exposed and learned a great deal about life from those navigators who came before me. 

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Some years ago we started flying polar routes coming within just a few miles of the North Pole.  Part of that deal was you had to be “Polar Route Qualified” in addition to normal international operations. The reason is navigational equipment and radios sometimes acted differently in the Polar regions due to magnetic disturbances, especially during periods of solar flare activity.  Additionally, long range crews, flying long periods at high altitude had additional radiation exposure and some would wear little radiation badges to collect data which was read every so often to determine the amount of exposure in a given period. I remember during the active solar periods how the aurora borealis would get very intense.   Flying from the west coast to London one night what I witnessed was simply amazing.  We actually seemed to be inside the aurora and it was like daylight in the cockpit.

Why am I going into all this?  Well I want to establish the fact I have witnessed first-hand what solar flares have the capability to do instruments and other navigational equipment including GPS during periods of hyper-activity.  That, they can and do wreak havoc with anything working on magnetic principles is well documented.  This is about magnetic forces and their potential effect on us all.

NASA numbers these solar cycles and in January 2008 we began what is known as Solar Cycle 24.  These cycles run about 11 years in duration and have been studied quite a bit for their effect on many things, including magnetic deviations, EMF interference and the possibility that one of these may have the potential to reverse the earth’s magnetic poles. This potential for polar reversal is what I have been looking at for some time now.

 Events of this nature have a tendency to bring out ALL of the weirdos and kooks and the late night radio talk shows have them waiting in line. This event is no different, given the fact the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 and the peak effect for the solar cycle 24 is estimated to occur about that time frame.  Many of these guests have PHD after their names and others have cosmic names.  Including, and not restricted to the usual sprinkle of folks claiming to have worked alongside Aliens at area 51.

All these folks are promoting their views and beliefs and many have web sites that need money to continue the research or sell some book or report.  Some of them are ….. well…. Just crazy as hell.  I don’t normally listen to any of it but my research on this topic and the fact this new movie 2012 is out has given me no other choice but try to ferret through all the BS out there in search of some real science.

One of the folks I came across was a fellow by the name of Patrick Geryl, a Belgium man who has studied this subject for some time.  I find him quite interesting and regretfully somewhat convincing.  Not so much because of his conviction but the justification for his arguments started to make sense to me.  That alone can be scary. He has no PHD at the end of his name and that can be a plus in my view as organized education like organized religion can sometimes be an impediment to grasping the truth in science and discovery.

Short story is; that it is believed by science that the earth’s poles can be reversed by magnetic activity originating from the sun and in fact, on the grand scheme, it happens regularly.  About every 11,500 years is one estimate others say 500,000 years.   Nonetheless, most agree it occurs.  This is believed to account for ice ages and continental shifts. 

 An event of this size can be expected to wipe out almost everything on the planet.  The fact that the Mayan’s and ancient Egyptians seem to have unexplainable knowledge in astrological observations, highly developed methods for keeping time and calendars with the same degree of accuracy which we have today indicates that there is something to this argument AND points to the possibility of the existence of civilizations prior to those of which we are currently aware.

The Greek historian Herodotus wrote of visiting ancient Egypt and viewing the Labyrinth which is said  to have been discovered as recently as 1843.  However, since that time I understand  little was done to uncover this labyrinth as it was believed to have been destroyed and possibly hauled off.  Until recently, only a very small part of the complex has been uncovered.  Previous exploration simply did not discover the huge underground structure and only recently have teams done a proper surface scan which has revealed a much more massive structure under the surface than was believed to exist.  A great portion of the labyrinth is under water and currently it is being pumped and diverted to allow access. 

 Patrick Geryl for one believes the labyrinth may hold the key to the entire ancient Egyptian history of mankind.   This needs to be examined for the information reported to be contained there.  This labyrinth is suppose to contain over 3,000 rooms and they are believed to be a store of all the knowledge and information the Egyptians had about our planet and its history. I hope it describes how they built the pyramids so we can put that question mark to rest.  Though I have never visited the sites I have flown over them several times and it is quite a sight to behold.

Back to the polar switch;  IF such a thing were to occur, as Geryl suggests we should have ample warning from unusual activity and occurrences perhaps 6 months in advance.  However, the polar switch itself would be sudden and could happen in a matter of minutes.

Disruptions on the planet would mark the beginning of the end.  EMF levels would first start shutting down things like the internet, computers and this disruption alone would destroy financial systems and cause economic chaos.  Sunspots and solar flares would be the ONLY topic at the water cooler if you were foolish enough to still be going to work.  By the time these things got under way people would be beginning to realize something was not right and clamor to their governments for answers and guess what …. They don’t have any plans to save you and it would be a fool’s errand for them to attempt it.  At some point the EMF levels would approach that of nuclear bombs and render most all machinery inoperative.  Now, bear in mind , this likely would occur in phases.  That is, things may work for a while and then they don’t; Until all are rendered useless.  In fact, my guess that even those devises you may have shielded would likely be rendered inop as the levels increase.  We all may notice or fall victim to balance issues and find it difficult to walk along with mental disturbances due to all this.  I know this does not sound pretty but it is what it is as far as an assessment as to likely conditions.

With all this going on, obviously the social structure will deteriorate and finally become unraveled.  Government services and things of utility are just a thing of the past.  This could very well take 4-6 months in duration to occur prior to the shift.

When a polar shift occurs the earth’s core will rotate on its axis 180 degrees.  North will become South and South will become North.  The earth’s crust will only rotate about 30 degrees and will be like the surface of an orange being suddenly stopped in rotation.  All wrinkled up.  This is how scientist believe the huge continental shifts of the past have occurred.  I’m sure we have all seen the diagrams that show how North and South America both line up with Africa and Europe like a jig saw puzzle detached.

 Just like flipping the directional switch on a ceiling fan, the Earth, rotating some 1,000 miles per hour at the equator will come to a halt directionally and start to spin in the opposite direction further causing sloshing of oceans and piling and shifting of continents.  The resulting tidal waves will cover most of the surface except the highest points before receding into the new lower levels.  But not before destroying everything in its path.  The sun will rise in the west and set in the east.  This all will occur in an hour or two from the time the core does its polar shift.  Very few living things will have survived.  The good news is some will.  I have heard estimates the as many a 1 million humans may survive the initial shift.  So now what?

Almost all volcanoes will erupt, nuclear power plants that were hot and in operation will melt down and lots of dead things floating around or stuck in trees.  There are no hospitals, there are no facilities of any sort and the dust cloud will last 40-50 years.  The survival game begins in earnest.

The EMF waves will have completely destroyed any digital information.  There will be no records of this civilization other than written documents that may have accompanied a survivor and a few stone or steel artifacts not destroyed.  It will be incumbent upon man to re-establish his position at the top of the food chain because some animals are sure to survive and they will get hungry.  The average citizen of the planet is quite frail and most are from urban settings with few survival skills. I suggest that should an event such as this occur and should one survive the initial cataclysm many would die during the transition to primitive conditions.

Considering all the above thoughts, if true, I can see how entire civilizations have been wiped out on our planet in the past.  I can also understand why some advanced civilization would want to leave some record telling the how and whys of the cataclysmic event.    I also understand how language and traditions such as religion may have been bifurcated to protect us from ourselves.  11-12,000 years is a long time.  Lots can happen and lots can be lost forever.

If, in fact, my predecessors survived such an event and understood the cycles that produce such events, It would stand to reason, an advanced civilization would want to pass on information concerning these matters.  IF these revelations were passed on and IF some group of survivors closely held the information from mankind to suit whatever their purpose, I will have a high case of the ass at the perpetrators. 

Here is something else to consider, with our government shrouded in secrecy who’s to say billions of our dollars spent in the space program and the recent “test” impact on the moon was not a dry run to determine the feasibility of parking a select few out of harm’s way in such an event.  I mean if you know such an event is about to take place and the chance of survival is slim to none who would not inconvenience themselves for a year or two until the smoke clears so to speak.  Has this type of thing happened before?  It could give some continuity to the stories and myths of people ascending and descending from the heavens as depicted in the artifacts of some ancient sites.

Why would the church drag Galileo before an inquisition while claiming now that, through the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, the Church pressed for the most precise astronomical observations, to determine the date of Easter.   I understand the Galileo was an egotistical SOB so maybe the Pope just didn’t like him.  Or maybe a non cleric had no business looking at stars.
This sort of what ifs can go on forever, I was just checking on some things and though I would pass it on for your thoughts.

I do not at this time promote the idea that the world will come to an end in 2012 just looking into all the noise out there on the subject.

These folks that did that interview with Patrick Geryl, “Project Camelot” are into wild ass things like ETs, channeling, Project looking Glass a supposed ability to look into the future, and time travel.  

I have never bought into all this stuff and don’t see any reason to change my views at this point in life.  However, Geryl makes a convincing argument about something I can grasp and makes sense. 

I have no doubt that it is possible for events to unfold in the manner and as described by Geryl but not so sure I can believe the accuracy of his timeline, which places the date of the Polar shift as 12-21-2012.

Anyone can check with NASA and see that we are indeed in Polar Cycle 24 and the peak effects are estimated in 2013.  The last solar event of this intensity occurred about 1859 and is documented. During that event there are statements of telegraph offices blowing up and being destroyed by the EMF disturbances.  In 1859 there were not computers and motor driven essentials as we have now.  Nor was there and electric gird as we have now.  I postulate that during the next event we are very likely to see some unbelievable disruptions in the services we take for granted today at the least.

This is not like the Y2k deal, which I laughed off and watched come and go without incident.  Y2K was only about computer operating systems and not remotely related to nature.  This will be a natural event SHOULD IT OCCUR WITH ANY INTENSITY.

This natural Solar cycle occurs every 11 years, so what makes this one any different?  This is my question but all indications is the cycles themselves cycle and most of the scientific community agrees that this one will be unlike most we have witnessed in intensity.  Does this mean the end of the world?  Maybe, Maybe Not, for sure that’s way out of my pay grade.

Maybe Patrick Geryl’s hypothesis is kept outside of mainstream science because it is in fact wrong.  But if he is correct in his theory and the general populace knew and understood the possibilities would this not lead to panic and disruptions?  Something of this magnitude and effect on people would surely be withheld by any government that knew. Think about it; if you knew with great certainty that the life we know on earth would cease a year from now would you go to work tomorrow?

The confirmation to Geryl’s theory lies beneath the sand and water in Hawara Eqypt and the Eqyptian Dr. in charge of excavating the Labyrinth site has pretty much cut off information regarding what they know so far.  Besides it will be later in 2010 before they even get access to the information contained in this massive structure because most of it is under water due to a re-routing of the waters of the Nile some 200 years ago for irrigation purposes.  Make no mistake of it, the discovery of the Labyrinth may likely be the largest and most important archeological discovery in this lifetime.  So I would imagine the information contained there will be closely guarded by these scientists

So, bottom line, a solar event of large proportions is going to occur. It could be mild in its effect on our infrastructure or it could be extremely disruptive.  It could be as Geryl suggests cataclysmic.  We just don’t know.   I do know this;  to maintain order, you nor I will not know until it happens.  The only thing I know is that if it is to get really bad there should be a period of time in which we will get subtle signs of impending disaster.  This period could last from 3-6 months of strange goings on before any Polar switch would happen.

I am not about to get into any pissing contest about the foolishness of all this, facts and history is well documented and available to anyone wishing to do their own research.  Comments of course, are welcomed, but don’t go off on me I simply bring this up for any that may not be aware of what all this talk about 2012 is about.  It is all theory sprinkled with a little science and is surely going to stir up the tin foil hat crowd. 

In case you would like to hear Patrick Geryl I have place the video link below.


  1. I too have read about sunspots and pole reversals. I assume it's all a bunch of nonsense, but who knows? I keep an eye on to see what's happening.

    Let's assume for a minute that this is all true: the poles will reverse and most life will be wiped out; the question is, what do we do about it?

    The answer may be that there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, so it may be something we shouldn't worry about it. Ignorance may be bliss.

  2. is a good site I will include it in my links, thanks. You can see there that we had 250 days last year with NO spots. This year we are only 6 days so far with no sun spots so, the activity is up.

    The results of Pole reversal is or course theory and no one knows what may happen this is but one idea of the potential but the potential is there. However if it begins we should have 4-6 months of warnings from smaller "events". Corona Mass Ejections or CMEs would be apparent to all. And you are correct, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, but it is interesting theory that merges with the Mayan, Egyptian and other civilizations records.