Sunday, March 7, 2010

What the Hell is a Malinvestment?

We all have heard the term and I have even used the term in various places.  But what exactly is it?  Well I did my usual type in the word followed by "def" and let Goggle give me some choices for definitions.  So, I clicked on Webster’s dictionary and got this. 

WTF ……..  It seems that I will have to sign up for the “Premium” service to get the definition.  I had no idea
words were that expensive.  It seems that Merriam-Webster has over 470,000 words defined and you can access 225,000 for free, but if you want the rest, well…. Light up the pay pal.  Damn it’s so commercial that you have to pay for words. 

I mean, I know that malinvestment means “bad investment”   I just wanted a different way of saying it.  I can’t imagine why this word would have some “premium” value to it over say, the word Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis which Wikipedia list as the longest word in a major dictionary.  Well, it turns out Webster charges for that one too.  (OK I can understand that one, that’s a big assed word) I will note here that “cheapskate” was a free word as was “bitches”.

Anyway trusty old Mises Institute will always come through in a pinch.  Not only that, but provided an article which goes into more detail and does a better job that I could have writing on the subject of malinvestment.   The point of which was to point out how government involvement in causing one problem after another through its incessant meddling in the economy, which actually causes and promotes malinvestment .  Additionally why the hell congress can’t see the damage to the country all their pork projects actually cause.   The article at Mises entitled Reading and malinvestment sort of speaks to the point of paying for words and opens up an additional reason to pour another cup of coffee and ponder how all this is happening to us.    

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