Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Edition - Casey's Daily Dispatch

Weekend Edition - Casey's Daily Dispatch: "THE Most Important Chart of the CENTURY

In the interest of presenting all sides I include this link to Casey Research article debunking the Chart of The Century.  Bud Conrad, who I frequently read has another view of this chart. 

(It isn’t as amazing as they say)
By Bud Conrad

I’ve seen this chart on more blogs and pointed to by more people than any chart I can think of. It is given the name of THE Most Important Chart of the CENTURY, complete with capital letters to add to the hype.

I get frustrated with economists bashing each other, as none of them really know the future, and the sport is rather pointless. But this chart has gotten too much hype, so I just have to let a little air out of its balloon."

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