Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let the Tax Games Begin

I can’t believe what I just heard on local news.  Lots of Prius and other hybrid’s on the road now a days and many other vehicles getting high MPG.  Well it’s said to be causing a tax short fall at the pump. So, the genius’ Here in Nevada are trying to figure a way to tax each motorist by the mile driven……. UFB

No joking, they are actually looking for ways to monitor miles driven so the tax on mileage can be applied.  GPS tracking and other methods are being considered.  This whole mess is beginning to look more and more like something Orson Welles concocted.

A guy gets rid of the SUV, buys a Prius to save at the pump and be environmentally friendly, and now he’s subject to be punished for that.  Do you ‘spose this is just the beginning?  They may not raise the income tax but don’t be surprised at the next stunt to get hidden taxes.  One place has a bowling alley use tax.  It’s not a shakedown it’s armed robbery.

Local governments are hurting from loss of tax revenue so it will be "game on" with increases in property and other local tax and increased enforcement of traffic violations.  The police can be a great source of revenue.  look to invest in companies that provide camera systems for traffic lights etc..  Increase in amount of fines for minor violations will go nuts.  It just is what it is as local bureaucrats scramble to save their jobs.  

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