Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leave it up to a couple of Farmers to come up with a simple solution

First they (BP or someone) need to stop the damn leak.  But in the meantime how to prevent the oncoming damage is of great concern.  This seems simple and appears to work. But who would bet me that the government in it's wisdom will go for some costly solution rather than a simple low cost method that may actually help farmers.

Add to that something I read the other day.  It is alleged that BP has used a chemical that causes the oil to coagulate and actually sink below the surface.  Someone said in another internet source that there are large wads of oil as much a 1300 meters beneath the surface now.  These plumes of oil might stay at depth for many years, hanging on reefs and such until a storm or something breaks them up and sends them ashore.  Possibly thousands of miles away from the source as they wallow around moving with the ocean currents unless hung up on obstructions.  This is a mess of vast proportions without question.


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