Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why Not Another World War? | Euro Pacific Capital

Why Not Another World War? | Euro Pacific Capital

This is an amusing paper from Peter Schiff about having a fake World War. Peter pokes fun at some who are saying what we need is another world war to pull us out of the mess we currently find our nation.

I have actually heard many say that what we need is a good old shooting war on a grand scale and everything will be okay. While the many I hear are saying this tongue in cheek are usually cavalier tough guys with a beer in one hand and a good smoke in the other, some economist bring up how WWII pulled us from the ashes of the great depression. Very easy to postulate in a bar or even on MSNBC but what would the millions of young men playing the role of cannon fodder say about the "theory" and social experiment of WWIII.

Anyway, thought I would share the article and the link to Peter's site and the article are above. Enjoy

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