Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keynes At Harvard

John Maynard Keynes, the man from whom the term Keynesian or Keynesian Economics is derived, is Best known for his work The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money (1936).  This work has since been embraced by Socialists all over the world as their basic theoretical guide.  Indeed, not just Socialist but many unsuspecting politicians, students, academics, and the general population have fallen for this "Theory".  So much so, that today we are witnessing or about to witness change of the likes Americans have never experienced because frankly, no one is guarding the Republic.  Even President Nixon is supposed to have said "we are all Keynesians now".  (Speak for yourself Dick I know too much about this man Keynes) The link will take you to a book Titled "Keynes At Harvard"  Economic Deception as a Political Credo. 
Any trader, investor, student of the economy needs to read this in its entirety. If you are a freedom loving American who is thinking "how did all this happen" then it is most important for you to read and understand what is going on and has been going on in this country for over one hundred years.
Read the online version here or click the link below to view the book.  

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