Monday, August 9, 2010

Political Games get as dirty as I have ever seen nowadays

It’s been rather quiet around here for a while and frankly mainly because I am awed and really stunned at all the crazy shit going on all around me. This Federal lawsuit against Arizona for wanting to protect its citizens when the Federal government won’t is just one example.

Lately the groups of three (people who ring the doorbell on the week-ends and in the early evenings to drop off literature touting their political favorite usually seem to be in groups of three) have stepped it up and are getting much more than they bargained for when they ring my doorbell.

Up until now, the independents and Republicans have been the only ones seeking to have face to face contact. The Democrats, (I’m in Las Vegas so Harry Reid is the issue this election cycle) are content to just stuff a flyer in the door-jam thus avoiding face to face contact. Given the economic situation and unemployment in the Senate Majority leaders home state I can understand why they have adopted the tactics. What I don’t understand and can only consider an act of desperation are the blatant lies and misrepresentations the Reid campaign are using against his Republican opponent Sharon Angle.

Apparently the Reid folks think the majority of voters are simply stupid. They could be right as these type of tactics seems to have worked in other elections. They take a statement made by Ms Angle and cut out the words they don’t want you to hear and play things totally out of context. Now, keep in mind I consider myself an independent and do not align myself with any political party. When I first watched the ad of Ms Angle saying things like “It’s not my job to bring jobs to Nevada” and “she wants to get rid of Social Security” gut reaction is That Crazy Bitch. Well, just a little checking and anyone can see all this was taken totally out of context and Reid’s boys are riding it like a wild horse. This sort of tactic only cements my resolve to vote out ANY incumbent and in addition, is just more confirmation that one simply cannot believe ANY politician. We have all heard this throughout life. “How can you tell if a politician is lying”? A: “His lips are moving”. Same thing applies to lawyers which about 80% of the congress happens to also be. With public confidence at an all time low, being a lawyer and a politician is not likely to get you any respect from the rest of us. We may treat you nice with fake deference but you guys should know the majority of the public despise you. It is rare, that I have any meaningful conversation with ANYONE, who is non-lawyer and non-politician who, at the very mention of either class of individual, will not at least, go into a mini-tirade about how despicable and disgusting these plunderers are.

Now that I got that off my chest, I just pulled a cheap one page document that in appearance looks like something printed with a cheap printer on notebook paper. Whoever left it stuck in my door claims to be “Friends for Harry Reid”. I wish I could have been at the door when the moron left it so I could have gone off on them. The paper is full of BS. Like, “Sharon Angle wants to repeal health insurance reform which will raise premiums on Nevada families, raise prescription drug cost on seniors raise taxes on 24,000 Nevada small businesses, and allow discrimination based on pre-existing conditions.”

I have news for you idiots…………….. you socialist bastards are out of touch with the majority of Americans. At the lowest 55% of Americans agree with Ms Angle. Lately, I have seen polls that say the figure is 60% favor repeal of the bill. How will it raise the premiums? The paper said the cost have been lowered by an average of $2000 for the Nevada Family. BS, show me where. Mine have increased and without question the cost to families will go up as with anything government gets its hands on. The paper is printed front and back and as I read it I could easily detect the BS from the truth. This is the new way to politic I guess, half-truths and misinformation. I can guess where this twisting and torque of truth comes from and the word attorney comes to mind.

I started to look into who the friends of Harry Reid were and found this.’s-campaign-forced-to-take-down-deceptive-website/ It seems as though Harry’s friends are working overtime to deceive the voters.

Hey, being the cynic I am sure Sharon’s folks will participate somehow in the same kind of nonsense but as of yet I haven’t seen it. All I can say is I won’t be voting for Harry because it is my policy to NEVER vote for any incumbent. Normally, I would vote for some independent but to make it clear that I am not delusional, I am quite aware that most independents have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning against the two major money parties. So this November I will hold my nose and vote for Ms Angle.

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