Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Next Financial Crisis

SS bring to my attention that the video has been removed as originally posted. That was a 45 minute Documentary entitled "Overdose".  Apparently, they want to charge $1.99 to view it now but like anything there is always a work around.  The link below (at least for the time being) is to part one of the video broken down into three parts.  Same stuff you will just have to click to get to part 2 and 3.  I changed the embed to reflect the 1st video.. So you can click the blue link below to go direct to youtube or just click on the video's in sequence below.

This is a pretty good video


  1. Hi SW
    Just to let you know...
    The video has been removed and is no longer available.

    ATB SS

  2. Guess somebody got to them. LOL

    Governments globally are working hard to create the perception that all is just fine. I will try to find another source for the video which was done in Sweden, I believe.