Friday, October 8, 2010

Are we Approaching Singularity?

As a trader I am just looking for the next bubble.  That is the one we enter after we finish with the Bond market and treasuries.  Could the merging of humanity and machine be that bubble as nanotechnology thrust forward ar ever increasing pace.  Ray Kutzweil thinks so, he has even written several best sellers about this very issue.
Some call him the heir to Edison.  Whatever he is, he's convinced we will see artificial intelligence reach the point of human ability by 2045.

This is the first part below, if you would rather view the interview in its entirety just click here.


  1. Very interesting...

    I watched some of his other videos on youtube, including a Glen Back interview from two years ago in which he said that solar power is only in its infancy now and will grow exponentially, completely replacing fossil fuels within 20 years. I see no reason to doubt that given how far technology has come in recent decades. I guess that means we better not plan on holding any uranium stocks for too long. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  2. Well there will have to be a transition period as we move toward solar. The current cost are just to high to be within the reach of the average family. Commercial installation at my house to pretty much take me off the grid would be in excess of $45k US. It would take me about 20 years to break even. I can build the system my self for about $10k US but I would have to purchase all the parts from some source then assemble all the cells in the garage shop. That's the tedious work. Then there's the installation. I would want an array the I could run through my computer and complete with drives to "track" the sun for maximum efficiency.

    I keep thinking that somehow, sometime soon someone will figure out a better way than PV cells. Of course it would have to be cheap in order to turn things around. Meanwhile the only current sane soultion the the massive amounts of power Americans consume seems to be nuclear. I like the little units from Hyperion.

    Not that expensive, and can power about 20,000 homes. After 8-10 years the company comes out installs another and takes the old unit in for refurbishment. But, that's too simple. eh