Friday, November 12, 2010

Quantitative Easing Explained

Cute, informative and scary all at the same time.  All the qualities of a major motion picture in a simple 6 minute and 48 second cartoon.


  1. Hi Sidewinder

    Funnier than my offering...........

    All this abuse of power/loss of jobs/criminality is funded by


    You're money being used to work against you.

    It's not just America...
    There are adverts before the clip starts.

    ATB Sunseeker

  2. Thanks for the links. Catherine must have someone checking her car for surprises daily. Surprised there has not been attempts on her life. Brave woman that one.

    The youtube link is blocked here in America for copyright.

  3. Hi SW
    Not available for 29 days in the US I'm told.
    You'll find it very relevant to the US though.

    Short clip sample clip which I am told will work in the US....

    I'm also told that you can watch it in other parts of the world including China.
    What does that tell you??????
    Try copy and paste................
    “Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story”
    Including the quotation marks.
    Try search engines from other countries.
    They're often less strict/censored than in the US of A.

    ATB Sunseeker

  4. It would be better if you could publish a blog article once a week.


  5. I will try to do better in that respect. Been doing lots of domestic stuff lately and blog time suffers as things like leak in roof and brakes on my truck start grinding. I retired so I do all that stuff myself rather that pay someone to screw it up. Did I mention there is nothing I can't do myself.