Monday, April 5, 2010

Pre Market April 5

I'm short this morning off the London open.  Not sure where this will take us but for right now I am just riding what I consider a wave 1 down.  I will be looking for a turn somewhere around 1073 on the ES or 1071.  This is the gray area and I would rather book profit at one of these points rather than take risk.  Remember Low risk High Reward is the game. This is the hourly chart for the E-mini SnP.  The arrow point to one of my "scalp lines" which is simply resistance or support.  Right now it is acting as support at 1176.80 so I may be out of this trade before I finish typing this.  Should we fail that line I would look for a test of the 5 SMA on the hourly which should get us down to 1173.50 for the turn.

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