Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin laden Death house

I may be wrong but pretty sure this is the house UBL was killed in.  you can see how close this guy was living to a facility suppose to be the Pakistan Military Academy.  He was right under their noses.  Hard to believe no one knew of this.  I located the compound which looks much like what is being shown on TV now (Sunday) and the coordinates are
 34 11 15.76 N  73 14 33.18 E .

I have seen this relationship shown no where in the media so thought I would put it here.  If I'm wrong I'm wrong but it is what I believe to be the scene. Just click on the photo to enlarge.

And zoomed in......


  1. The (Bin Laden) place was only about 1km away from Pakistan's equivalent of West Point. Pakistani military were kept in the dark about the whole operation. The risk of embarrassment if the mission had been intercepted against the risk of a tip off.

    That is of course if it's all true....

    Let the conspiracy stories begin....

    Bin Laden is dead, but he probably died in December 2001.....

    "the United States is going literally bankrupt—and a lot of the reason is because of its unsustainable military spending. Bin Laden’s “death” might give the perfect excuse for a sudden, rapid draw-down, in particular as the United States’ fiscal budget is about to tip over into insolvency."

    I mentioned over on that I hope the the US dots all the i's and crosses all the t's on this one (and A.S.A.P.). “Closure” should be the fist priority. That is unless the US Gov. would rather things like this rumble on so that people loose focus on the other high priority issues.
    I also mentioned of the likelyhood that Bin Laden's “burial at sea” was in conflict with Muslim belief.
    Now it seems likely that could be the case.
    No point putting unnecessary obstacles in the way for other peoples to cease upon, if it can be avoided

    ATB SS

    You've such a great breadth of knowledge and experience SW.
    Great to see the blog up and running again.

  2. It's that man again.......

    It may not have taken long for Muslim extremist to start planing a revenge attack after Bin Laden's death was announced........

    The Muslims were arrested filming around the nuclear complex at Sellafield in Cumbria only hours after the death was announced.

    “The men were detained at 4.32pm on Monday after a vehicle was stopped and checked by officers from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC), which polices the facility in west Cumbria.”

    Proof that it's naïve to believe that the death of Bin Laden will resolve anything?

    ATB SS

  3. Update.
    Listening to the news....

    Why Sellafield?
    Thursday, 26 November 2009...

    "The Sellafield nuclear plant has the world's largest store of separated plutonium."

    It doesn't bear thinking about does it?

    ATB SS

    The last update today. I promise.

  4. Let's get this straight. They shoot his wife in the leg because she's shielding him. Fair enough these boys have to get in and out ASAP. This super fit highly trained special forces team are then faced with a 54 year old unarmed man in poor health (diabetic and kidney disease if we believe previous reports) and the team are forced to shoot him twice in the face (conveniently for recognition purposes) because he's resisting arrest? Could they not have shot him in the leg too and then truly brought him to justice? Then the tale keeps getting changed. Even my wife who is always telling me that I read too much into these things doesn't believe it.
    Someone should have briefed everybody concerned both to make the more story credible and for everyone to keep to the script. They could at least say that they thought that he was about to detonate a bomb (I'll wait for that news to emerge. I hope that the part about the intelligence that will be gained as a result of this operation is true because ultimately that should prove to be more decisive in the fight against terror. Maybe we'll be able to pass through airport security without the same hassle? Don't hold your breath. Regardless of what happens things never get back to the way that they were before.

    ATB SS

  5. SS, They went there to kill him. it's that simple.

    He's just a big symbolic figure anyway and that's the big blow to these terrorist. I figure he started that deal with his big bucks and that's what got him the job to begin with. Like a lot of rich kids who go off idealistic. He picked a fight with the wrong people and now has paid the price. This concept of "terrorist" will not go away it is here to stay. Otherwise peaceful people will just have to get use to the idea. Terrorism is a tactic and can be used by any group. It's not a religion, country or any enemy that can be defined. The people that do it are criminals and mass murderers nothing more. Terrorism may be a wide spread tactic use by certain factions but those who use it should be hunted down just like this guy and eliminated without fanfare.

    Now in other news, the Indians (native American type) are all pissed about the Special Op team using the words "Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo" as a code that the mission was accomplished. When I hear that I just shake my head. Somebody need to tell these lawyers and politicians to shut the hell up. You can't wake up in the morning without "offending" someone.