Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ron Paul Interview

I've been pretty inactive lately with the blog thing mainly because not that much has really peaked my interest as congress grinds out the same old crap on the Debt problems.

As far as the market goes it's just up and then up some more as they try to suck more people into the pen for the slaughter eventually but that's another story.

Somehow I got this link to a Ron Paul video which I think is enlightening and informative so I will urge you all to watch it.  It's in three segments about 12 minutes each so it does take some time but with elections beginning to get closer I would put a plug in for Dr. Paul.  He brings to the table something I cannot say with any confidence the other candidates bring and that is honesty and morality coupled with common sense and an in depth understanding of how an economy works.

Granted if all his policies were to be put in place it would cause some hardship BUT, if we continue down the road we are on, the hardship is coming any way, and kicking the can down the road as has been the case for well over 40 years the hardship will be far greater than we can imagine. There has come a time for us to stop voting for the political "rock stars" and put a patriot at the helm, who believes in the Constitution and means it, rather that the polished professional bureaucratic America seems to fall in love with every election cycle.

In this video he talks a lot about the currency and debt. I know that can be a boring subject but pay special attention about 10 minutes into video one where he talks about simply not paying the debt the US government has to the Federal Reserve. That would free up 1.6 trillion $$ instantly.

The US government has defaulted on it debt at least 5 times in our past so from a historic point of view, all this drama being used by the politicians ensconced in positions of power, is little more that noise from the idiots in Washington. News flash: They don't intend to pay the debt and never have, so let's just clear the air over that issue and put the nation back on the road to viability for the people of this nation and not simply to serve the politico's and their corporate "handlers.

For a little further explanation on what stiffing the FED would mean I include a link (here) to a very good article By Robert Murphy at the Mises Institute.

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