Thursday, August 23, 2012

CIVIL WAR Texas Judge thinks it's possible

Don’t think I have mentioned on this blog before but have in many other places the concern about revenue for local governments.  With the economic strife going on for the last 5+ years, the unemployment, loss of wealth due to foreclosures and small business’s contracting the States, local and county coffers are shrinking.  Unlike the Federal government these governments cannot print money and by law must balance their budgets. 

With the loss in tax revenue these local governments are and have been feeling the pinch for money.  In the several localities that I’m familiar with, local leader simply mention raising real estate taxes and the public response gets irate.  Citizens begin calling for change in leadership, cuts in large government salaries and benefits and anything that will prevent the government from putting its hand deeper into the pocket of the citizen.  It’s a though people realize their power in local government and take action against further taxation but somehow feel helpless to have any effect on the Federal side.  It’s almost like living a dual life.  One, a citizen and participant in local affairs and the other a victim or servant of a giant central government. 

It’s not easy to get locals to go along with any tax increases so, local officials have to make a case and explain to the locals why such increases are needed.  The success of this revenue gathering depends on how well the officials present their case.  If it’s not generally accepted and the boards proceed with tax increases anyway, it is likely they get voted out in the next election or at least challenged aggressively and are put through a mudslinging contest.   At the local level this can put plenty of stress on citizen leaders and divide families so the results are felt more severely on a personal level than is the case with those in Washington.  In the big league of Beltway politics all this seem to just run down the back of the politician and back into the mire to be recycled in the next election.  In other words,  those in Washington don’t pay much attention to such ire because they are separated by miles and miles and are no longer a real part of their community.  Other than a few trips back to the local office to drum up votes most of these politicians have their sights set on living the big life as a mover and shaker in Washington.   

To convince the citizens of Lubbock County, Texas Judge TomHead has taken a novel approach to convincing citizens of the need for a tax increase.  He says they need the money to prepare for civil unrest that will follow a re-election of President Obama. 

The short video is a news interview of the Judge explaining the why’s of a 1.7% tax increase for next fiscal year.   

Here's a link to an article about the same subject.

Texas official warns of Obama civil war

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