Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Close call with Tractor-Trailer

On I-15 in Las Vegas at Sahara Exit northbound. Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) Portable signal truck decided to stop in the left (hammer) lane.

Plenty of traffic moving 65-70MPH with half having nowhere to go. I could see this developing well before the accident and slowed to about 50 when the truck I just passed came flying by me and turned into my lane trying to avoid rear-ending those in front of him. I got on the brakes enough to allow him to clear my front while avoiding getting hit from the rear myself.

He couldn't have missed my front end more than two (2) feet and I'd almost swear the left rear wheel of the trailer went over the top of my right fender. If the guy behind me had hit me and drove me into the trucks path this would have had a very ugly ending for yours truly.

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