Thursday, April 22, 2010

6 AM snapshot of the evenings counter trend trade.  Yes I violated my rules but it was just to juicy to pass up. with 3 excellent sell signals what's a guy to do.  We are still in an up trend until we fail the previous low and I don't see that happening just yet. Another chance to get long without giving up profits  from the last few days.

Click on chart to expand


  1. I took a similar trade last night, going short coming down off that spurt around 2am PT for a couple points. 1199-1195. My goal in mind was a profit exit at S1 around 1191 but I inched my stop loss up too close and got taken out on a bounce at 1195. About $1100 on 5 contracts, I'll take it.

    Missed the whole morning and this crazy ride all the way down and back up. Looks like we bounced off the 20d sma on the daily chart. Will find out tomorrow if that FNH is really a FNH or not...

    Thanks for the code snippet.

  2. That snapshot was taken just after 5:15 AM. I stayed short until the open and reversed until 10:30 AM when I was just tired and worried about making a mistake. I kept adding contracts and ended up well over double what you see on the screen. Not my best day but a very good one. I just can't get a good fill tonight I keep getting distracted and miss entries.