Friday, April 2, 2010

Insane Politics

This two party system has my head spinning.  Both factions have put this country in the mess it's in.  When will the people finally see this.  This video was taken in Searchlight Nevada last week as the "tea party" folks were coming into town for their rally.  Most shown here are members of the IBEW who were on hand to greet the convoy of buses.

This was reported by Andrew Breibart at

The second video shows a guy telling the the group doing the filming to leave before he goes to jail.  I would take that as passive aggression or a veiled threat.  It should escalate as we get into the warmer months IMHO.

And just for a Kicker here is Congressman Hank Johnson (D) GA interviewing a Navy Admiral in Committee.  I am told he has some medical problem but it does not change the fact that this poor individual is occupying one of the highest offices in the land and is part of the element that makes decisions on the liberty, security and well being of our Republic.  This is alarming.

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