Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Thoughts

I have been busy with some spring chores and other life support issues not to mention having to stay constantly on the computer with all the volatility in the market the last two weeks.  Sorry for not posting much but some things can't take a front seat to life.  I have been in some dialog with some socialist nitwits on another site in the evenings and thought I would place here one of my posts for your perusal.  I will try to make some market comment later, time permitting. But mostly this looks like a big correction to me and have been playing it that way.   someone made a statement that we were experiencing growth and put up some penny stocks that had like 19,000 % growth as examples.  Typical of the media morons touting how good the recovery is going.  That started the below rant after I called him on it and basically made a fool of the guy for even trying to sell such bull shit.  One of the companies he listed with massive growth is actually insolvent but socialist will say anything to promote their flawed Marxist agenda.  Anyway here is the post I was talking about.


I think I am on record here as having very little use for either major political party, and politicians in general.  The reason I responded with actual facts that have meaning in an economic sense is that whoever is in charge always tries to paint the brightest picture.  I have seen others here talk about the perceived recovery and the post you made xxxx appears to me at least, as a weak attempt to promote the idea a recovery is underway
.  Government numbers cannot be trusted due to the many manipulations designed to arrive at desirable numbers.  They apply a method called Hedonic Regression.  The media cheerleaders at CNBC, and others mislead the public IMO just as Limbaugh, Beck, Bill Maher and Opperman cheerlead their side on other issues.  All designed to mislead the public rather than simply present facts.  The public being generally confused and unenlightened in most matters other than talking points which affect them personally, simply grasp the talking points and use sound bites to justify their side.  It’s foolish and dangerous, but is to be expected as over the years most have simply turned over the requirement to think over to the government or the media who has chosen one side or the other rather than simply reporting the truth. The media today panders to one side or the other and the net results is fanning the flames of discontent which will continue to escalate the animosity between opposing sides and eventually result in violence. 

Because participation here is limited to a few vocal opinions I realize that my comments here have little effect on many if any, folks finding reality in this age of perception rather truth.  I don’t need to take a “pill” as you say, because I truly “get it” and it took many years to come to certain truisms about people, life, economics and markets.  Very few people reach the 5th level or “top” of Maslow’s pyramid.  My observations of a lifetime indicate to me that most of the people in this area of the country  are struggling at the second level of safety, and only part time participants in the third level.  (just Google Maslow’s hierarchy of needs)  The struggle to just get by is the most difficult to overcome and reach another level. Early marriage and early bearing of children before the person can actually take care of themselves, only makes an almost impossible journey to begin with, an assurance of failure, frustration and poverty.  Those who take this course have no choice but to rely on some kind of public assistance and therein lies a bulk of our problems. 

It is not the job of public education to serve as baby sitter as parents bear the responsibility to instill values necessary for achievement in life and no one else.  In a free society the government has no business perpetuating a cycle of citizen dependence on government for any reason.  It is just as immoral as slavery because if you depend on government for sustenance and other physiological needs you are in actuality nothing more than a slave to government.  Additionally, because those who chose to enslave themselves to government require the assets of government to survive, and the assets of government come from taxation, the productive, who pay the bill, are also enslaved by the same government.  So, I understand the frustrations from both sides. 

One of the problems is, too many have made this plunder a way of life and it affects politics.  Politicians pander to those who are recipients for votes.  I would like to see a system of some sort where any person who has accepted any assistance from government is restricted from voting for some period of time.  In other words, a person who receives government assistance will not be able to vote while receiving that assistance.  The idea of assistance is to help you become a productive citizen.  Once you become productive and can survive on your own you will then begin making small payments to return the money you received.   At this point your right to vote is restored as long as you continue to make restitution.  There would be no interest or usury charged and a portion of the debt can be forgiven if certain levels of pay back are achieved.  This would give an incentive to the recipient to achieve and eliminate the votes for goodies and other free stuff which as we all know aren’t free.  It would promote a sense of achievement and pride in the individual who hopefully will prosper and pass on these values to their offspring.  It will significantly reduce the cost to all citizens and help more people.  It would eliminate much corruption in government and other factions and still ensure the ability to take care of those who are in need.  It does not take a mathematician to see the present system is unsustainable and is destined for failure and eventual social disorder.  This is a given.  But above all it would actually help those who need it and turn them into true equals in society eliminating much of the animosity between the races which the political factions rely upon to keep control over the everyday lives of Americans. 

I know there are those who will say this is nothing more than taking away the voting power from blacks because they represent the majority of recipients.  I cannot deny that would be one effect.  But, I would point out that citizenship gives you rights, and along with rights comes obligation.  Part of that unwritten obligation is to take no more than you need and contribute equally.  This is about equality of responsibility.   While we are all equal in the law, but no two people are equal in ability and motivation.  That is just human nature.  Some will naturally excel and do better than others financially.   A man that can’t take care of himself has no business or right to make decisions on behalf of the rest of society, especially if that decision involves getting something at the expense of others.  Most politicians fall into this category. 

I expect all leftist and socialist to violently oppose my thought.  I have no problem with that because I know and understand your goals.  I will say to those Johnny come lately socialist who fell into it because all the good looking girls at college were sociology majors, the academic portion of your life is over.  Social experimentation is fine on campus but this is the real world and these are real people in real societies.  Real fortunes and lives are at stake and your next step is to decide which brand of Marxism you gyrate into; Leninist, Stalinist, or Maoist.  If you continue on the socialist path, those are your only choices. 

This is not about white guys trying to rule over the rest.  This is about our very survival as a people and if you don’t believe me watch the Greeks and then the Spanish followed by the EURO.  That’s what we will face here in no time at all.  As the EU implodes we will look great and things will pick up here in the beginning, but that will all be as a result of money trying to find safe haven.  It will not find it here and will flee the US domestic market so fast you will not believe it.  Oh, and the rest of the world will blame us for the problems.  How do you think that will play out?  Anyone holding bonds had better sit with your finger on the sell button because that’s where the majority of the money was lost in the last depression not the stock market.  Currently the bond market is larger than anything in history.  I have a hard time just digesting the magnitude of this ticking time bomb.   Our financial system is so fragile even the banks themselves don’t know it.  That’s the level of ineptness running the show so, hold on to you hats folks.    

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