Saturday, February 26, 2011

Global Warming, Climate Change and Financial Bubbles

Someone made the comment on Facebook “It is a global climate change due to a shifting of the earth's crust.” In response to another mention of global warming/climate change.

I don’t believe the earth’s crust is having any significant effect on weather patterns but rather the weather patterns are a direct result of what is called Solar Lunar Action. Peirs Corbyn, an astrophysicist and meteorologist has for years made accurate long range weather forecast based on this science.

It is my opinion that the earth receives all of its energy in varying ways from the sun. The earth is a constant recipient of radiation and magnetic forces via the sun which vary according to solar activity. This energy is further affected by the forces and relationship of the earth to the moon’s gravitational pull. (think how it affects tides etc). These forces are measurable and science has plenty of data.

Corbyn’s technique involves the effect of these forces on the jet stream which usually is constantly moving about. When the Jet is stalled by particular solar lunar action it sets the stage for extreme weather events which, by using certain historical data, can be predicted long in advance.

The “global warmers” have ignored Corbyn’s studies, even suppressed them because of the tremendous amount of money involved in taxing and trading carbon credits. This is likely one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on man. It involves and will lead to the greatest transfer of wealth in history.

If this interest you please see the other videos there are plenty of others you can link to from that point. It is in everyone’s interest that you have some knowledge on this subject and from both sides of the issue. Unfortunately the Al Gore crowd has stiffled debate and created this fantastical story surrounding “global warming” a term they have all but abandoned since much of the fraudulent has been exposed publicly. They now prefer to call it “climate change” as they try to distance themselves from the fraud. Truth is, the climate is constantly changing and has for the entire time the earth has existed.

It appears the truth is, the earth is actually cooling and will continue in this pattern for at least another 100 years. Of course some years will be warmer than others but the general trend will be cooling for this period. We are just beginning solar cycle 24 and the solar activity has pick up so it should get interesting. Anyone can follow solar activity through NASA sites.


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