Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Government demands Keys to your Home

The citizens of Cedar Falls Iowa made a good argument before their City Council against the City mandating “lock Boxes” containing all entry keys being required outside all commercial property and apartment buildings containing three or more Units.  The Council Ignored the concerns both moral and Constitutional and voted Monday night to pass the ordinance.  They say it’s necessary for the fire department to have immediate access.


This is being done in towns and cities across the nation in the name of safety, but this surely should bring this constitutional issue front and center as more and more rights of the citizen are being eroded before our very eyes
How long will it take to encompass all structures including private residences?

One point I did not hear raised at the meeting was that it only included apartments in buildings with more than two units.  It did not include duplex or single family dwellings.   If this is intended to protect citizens why differentiate between apartments and single family dwellings?   Are the rights of the lower class who cannot afford to own their residence less entitled to protections under the Constitution?  Or are the more wealthy property owners of single family or duplex residences less entitled to this level of “protection”

Don’t know about you, but I am already concerned, and seeing things like the blatant violation of Constitutional rights by local officials cause downright fear for my safety.    

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