Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Format

Some of you readers have commented and seem to like this new format.  There are a couple of things I will bring to your attention.  Firstly, All the articles are "scrunched" up in a small space with just the title and sometimes just a teaser portion of the article visible.  Many have photos or videos attached for viewing that you will not be able to see unless you click somewhere on the article.  That will open up just that article so you can view the entire thing.

Secondly, you will notice a black tab along the right edge of the page.  Just by running your cursor over it a pop out will appear for further navigation around the blog.

I'm still trying to find a font color for the menu bar at the top so it will be more visible.  You have to look hard but there is a navigation menu running across the top of the page.

Glad some more of you are stopping by feel free to make comments.  

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