Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday Night Speeches

Just heard Obama's Charlottesville speech and he is a silver tongue devil, that's for sure. He know's how to fire up a group but the substance was total BS. He had those young folks cheering for their own demise. Now that's good I tell ya. If I didn't know the answers to all his issues and had not carefully looked at most everything he spoke about he would have indeed convinced me that it's entirely possible to pick a turd up by the "clean end". As I watched Obama's speaking, it dawned on me, that the Democrats picked the wrong city for their convention. They should have picked ....................... Ta Daaaa ... Detroit. What better place to highlight what American's can look FORWARD to if they would only re-elect the president. Once the wealthiest city in North America with the highest per capita income of any American city, where else better to showcase the results of years of socialist efforts. Oh well, gotta give myself a good pinch on the arm with my vice grips.

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