Friday, November 16, 2012

I Guess Cultural Marxist Piss me off

Thesis to antithesis to synthesis………dialectic Each time synthesis is achieved it "generate[s] new internal contradictions, and then a further resolution" Result is continuous crisis and continuous resolution required. Seems screwed up to me resulting in an endless dialogue among members of society of which there are as many opinions as there are participants. We see it every day with the cultural Marxist never being satisfied and always finding that someone has more than he so back into this useless endless loop. Marxism and socialism certainly must be based on the jealousy of men.

 This must be the reason I become so frustrated and angry with socialist as practically all of them employ this methodology as though it was a hereditary trait. In order to facilitate the promulgation of this most annoying cult of Marx may become what the leftist call facilitators. Many of our young become facilitators without even knowing it since most of these issues appeal to matter of the heart as opposed to those of the head.

 Sure, no decent human would relish in the suffering of another but the truth is any one of us would exhaust every waking moment and everything we have to the point of self destruction and still not make a noticeable difference in the condition of the majority of the less fortunate. In the meantime, if left alone to pursue one’s own interest the majority of mankind would first secure the basic needs and safety of himself and family and then a portion of the excess results of his labor would be freely used to help those he feels deserve his attention. This wealth/safety building effect would exponentially and eventually become wide spread and the most people would be able to participate in the process.

 Now, granted the competition on a planet with limited resources naturally results in winners and losers but from natures standpoint is that necessarily a bad thing?

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