Friday, November 16, 2012

Self-Created Societies

From the beginning our nation and our very security and liberty had to contend with what Madison termed “factions”. Factions are groups of citizens forming together to advance their own causes regardless of any overall effect on the rest of the citizenry. This practice began as soon as our fledgling nation was born. One of the major reasons we are founded as a Constitutional Republic rather than an actual Democracy is that adage which says “Democracy is 3 wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner””. That a minority will find itself at a distinct disadvantage and there is not just a risk but a certainty that sooner or later a majority will encroach on the liberty and rights of a minority. Hence, the reason for the structure of our government with 3 branches checking each other and representing the interest of the people, the states and the nation as a whole.

 In a letter to Thomas Jefferson, November 30, 1794 James Madison was describing what he called “a critical situation”. “Dear Sir, The attack on the most sacred principle of our Constitution and of Republicanism, has given rise to much discussion in the House of Representatives, and has left us in a critical situation.” Madison had warned in Federalist 10 of the danger of “factions” and in this letter I find the use of a term that further describes these factions, that is “self-created societies.”

 If you think about it that accurately describes a plethora of self serving organizations today for, what else are these thousands of groups who constantly lobby the Congress if not self-created societies. Our society in the 1700’s formed our government and declared it was “In order to form a more perfect union”. What has happened is, after 225 years or so we have see these self-created societies proliferate to a point where they have refined the influence peddling to an art. Self-created societies has exercised localized power and influence (read paid money) over politicians in such an organized fashion as to set policy and law affecting the millions upon millions of Americans, many of whom, don’t even know who they are. We have all heard about the ADA, NAACP, AARP and the larger groups but there are likely thousands of such groups crawling all over K St. in Washington spreading money and influence among the insatiable politicians who spend more time raising money than representing the people. In the letter I spoke of Mr. Madison said. “If the people of America are so far degenerated already as not to see, or to see with indifference, that the citadel of their liberties is menaced by the precedent before their eyes, they require abler advocates than they now have to save them from the consequences.” He also indicated that the methods of these self-created societies though not illegal, “contributed by their proceedings to mislead the weak and ignorant.”

 So here we have Madison a supporter of a Republic describing the battles on the floor with those who prefer strict Democracy. Many today simply don’t know the difference and constantly refer to our Republic as our democracy when making reference to America. What they mean is democratic principles upon which our Republic is based. This basic principles are long forgotten by many today and the only reason I can think of is they have never had the proper instruction. The reason for not getting the proper instruction is, the teachers themselves don’t understand any of this as they were not taught. After all, these Democratic societies have had over 200 years to work the floor.

 I have obvious issues with the current Democrat party because it is made up of these self-created societies. Republicanism is barely recognizable in today’s Republican Party for the simple reason that over the years it has slowly suffered the encroachment of its own brand of the aforementioned Democratic Societies. The House and Senate is filled with politicians sent to Washington by this multitude of self-created societies all seeking advantage for themselves to the detriment of the nation and the rest of the citizens. Much of this has as its root the discovery that through the office or our lawmakers, wealth can be extracted from the average citizen and transferred to the pocket of individuals leading or founding these self-created societies.

 I write these words as an exercise for myself in order to understand how we as a nation have come to this point. It’s by no means any in-depth study but simply one man’s attempt to understand what really happened and what chance there is to leave a nation somewhat intact for my descendants to enjoy as I have. I guess it’s the old cop in me that requires nothing more than simple truth and clarity in the thought process.


  1. The more I read the more that I'm in awe and admiration for America's Founding Fathers. Their exceptional foresight, wisdom, and vision.

    “Those who do not read history (or ignore the lessons) are doomed to repeat it.”

    John F Kennedy said in his inauguration speech......
    And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.

    Wife Jacqueline had an extract of this framed and hung in his office.........

    Some would say that JFK was the last true president of the USA.

    What went wrong? Greed.

    Anyone else reading this should listen and read Catherine Austin Fitts........

    “The statistics and figures are cooked.
    You have an organisation that cannot produce creditable books and refuses to do so.
    Your looking at funny numbers. Spending money in ways that are unproductive. Every effort to do anything about that gets killed.............”

    “The system is designed to be unproductive to serve the interests of certain people.”

    And when someone like Catherine Austin Fitts tries do do something about it?

    “But how can we generate fees for our friends. I have many how can we generate fees for our friends stories.”

    Catherine Austin Fitts quotes Confucius:
    "The way out is through the door. Why is it that no one will use this method?"

    Well Ron Paul tried. : (

    SW wrote......
    “This basic principles are long forgotten by many today and the only reason I can think of is they have never had the proper instruction. The reason for not getting the proper instruction is, the teachers themselves don’t understand any of this as they were not taught.”

    The Academic and political system is such that it no longer encourages free thought. The curriculum has to be strictly adhered to. Sidewinder you are an exceptional teacher.
    In dire crisis the country will turn to a Ron Paul figure. Like we Brits turned to Winston Churchill (who's dire warnings were also ignored) in WWII. Sir Winston (voted the greatest Briton of all time) was half American after all.



    1. Thanks for the kind feedback SS, your input is always welcome. There's far more to "how we got here" than is obvious to the casual observer. We started out with a great idea improved by many great minds by great Americans. It worked for a while and the decline began. The funny numbers coming out of Washington is just a part of the perception game going on. They don't intend to pay the debt but I haven't as of yet figured out how this will play out. But, it wont' be long now before someone will have to level with the people and the blame game begins in earnest.

  2. I almost forgot to say that I'd never heard your quote.......

    “Democracy is 3 wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner””.

    I howled with laughter after reading that.

    ATB SS

    1. My response was the same first time I heard it. :)