Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The "disappeared"

During all the troubles in Central and South America people who opposed the governments and dictators of the day simply disappeared.  It was so common that when people spoke of someone that had vanished they referred to them as "The Disappeared".  

There have always been laws on the books for civil commitments, after all if someone really flips out there has to be a way to keep them from harming themselves and/or others.  But the rules and law governing this type of "commitment" has to be followed and their should be strict guidelines to protect every citizens liberty.  

I have seen several cases of civil commitment in Virginia courts and usually it takes sworn statements from several family members or those living with a person before they can even be detained for examination.  Then it depends on the evaluation of a trained board certified psychiatrist.  There is a new trend that I first heard of a few years back.  That is using a diagnosis of PTSD for veterans as a swift way to detain a person.  Now it seems that more people than we would like to believe are being picked up under civil commitment laws because of political statements and leanings.  

This is really scary.        

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